"To become like a child" - I don't think that is just a nicey, wicey thought. It hit me last night that it is literal. To allow ourselves to drop all of the adult seriousness, to drop the beliefs that imprison us, to release all of the judgements, to allow ourselves to let go of the ideas of aging even. Have you ever thought about the industry of getting old, especially in this country? We are not serving ourselves, or the world well for allowing ourselves to be convinced that life is a progression to what has been presented to us as old age. Many years ago I realized that young people and older folks tended to be similar. Freer, happier. But something has happened. I guess because of the profit based medical industry. Each individual has the power to change their life, which then changes the world because of the shift of vibrational energies being Shared. BECOME LIKE A CHILD, and enter your kingdom of heaven. You got nothing to lose. Get the Key at www.reverenceforlifeuniversity.com Breathe . . . deeply, consciously . . . appreciatingly!