We are a living light show. It is distracting, amazing, wonderful and can lead to great confusion and dismay. The white light came in through the prism of Lyra and we are mesmerized by the show. There is a duality virus running rampant in our brain that is cascading "illusions" of dancing shadows on the wall that has us in overload in the mental labyrinth in our tiny little brain. All this creation is sourced from Infinite Love, a Creator with such mind boggling capacities as to create this perfect reality of One Love that will also support the duality reality created around the premise of "free will" (service to self and service to others). In truth there is only love although the One Infinite Creator wanted a new experience. Lucifer lead the charge creating the possibility of seeing the One as two which has lead to all this incredible experience and diversity - many new individual universes. However, trying to find your foundation in "the light" or any mental conceived "image" is fruitless. Image-based reality has lead us to this point of confusion, and the swirling mass, or storm will continue for each as they focus on something other than the One. The One is the breath, it is the center point of our true reality. It is Spirit/Energy moving through us. The Yin and Yang. The new consciousness program is being uploaded via our breath. God/Source/All That Is knows what it is doing. IT is taking us back HOME, while we exist supported by Infinite Love always, All-ways! There is no getting out of the Real Reality of Infinite Love although we may "think" it possible. IT is infinite, there are no missing parts, no extra parts, no gaps, no spaces. We ARE IT and waking up to this fact in these physical bodies. To make the process smoother and more enjoyable simply Breath Deeply and Consciously. Be Grateful. Bring yourself back to your breath, your Point of Power, in the Now, One Conscious, Appreciative Breath at a time.