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Feeling One

The One had to forget. If we came into this form knowing all, having experienced all, being infinite, there would only be continued knowing.

Somehow source effectively created an experiential shroud, a seemingly thick veil which previously human perception found challenging to pierce or dissolve. And yet the process of this life, or the purpose it seems is to be just that. By consciously, patiently attending to one´s thoughts and experiences to pass through to this greater knowing.

Duality "appears" to create an inner and outer challenge - the individual separated from the rest. Then, to go up to the next scales (e.g. family, community, etc.) we seem to imagine there are more blockages to who and what we are. But the challenges at each scale seem to be of the same nature. Just different, apparently, but only really as a result of perception. If I can clear and deal with my perceptive challenges - if I can accomplish my "remembering", then will that ripple out across the world? The word "re-membering" is quite interesting: to be put back together.

I have stated before that Socrates didn´t believe that we learned - such as putting information from outside in, but discovered more from the inside - like my son Joshua said "we already know everything, we just don´t know it". Maybe it is a combination of both. Balancing. However, the "balance" for the majority of people seems to be on the external experience. And the "collective" almost exclusively focusing on this. But isn´t this somewhat its nature? Unless we internalize what we share together, to make it part of our "collective body" - and everything between our human form, like the earth, air fire, water, and ether, we will never understand the nature of the All That Is - which first must be expressed and experienced here on Earth. We really all are in this together.

Socrates asked questions. Others suggest meditation, going within.

I have this sense that this process is not so much mental, as of something less cognitive, more of feeling. Rectifying another of dilemmas, is rectifying the male and female idea. The female can remember its connection to Source through feeling. Thus a remembering throughout the whole can be caused. Stepping out of mental constructs, and in an experiential way, finding within - that spark of creation, from whence all forms begin. The "big bang" is not only one of a physical nature but one that emerges from the experience which is, at its core, of feeling. To be able to go to, and sort of identify the Source within our being, and really feel it to leave an imprint of knowing on the molecular or cellular level, could cascade that effect through that first "human" body. Then, that effect, like a cataclysmic event, would continue through our collective body, affecting each molecule, no matter what form. At an exponential rate the transformation, or re-creation, would not take long at all.

Is it possible the remembering is about feeling and not thinking?

And how would one accomplish this? Maybe it is as simple as to say "Eye am ready, to experience and feel the love that created me.? No muss, no fuss. No mental gyrations. No elaborate discourses or activities. Just the invitation to access that "feeling" which has to be imprinted upon every particle in the cosmos. Then, just let it go. Allow the process, which must be totally natural for the One love to have its way with us.

Hmmm, could it be so simple? We´ll see.