Eye am all of creation Breathing, Pulsating and expressing myself as all of my fragrances; images; tastes; textures; and sounds.

Eye am my Breath! eye am your Breath! Eye am our Breath, Breathing, Pulsating and experiencing myself as my mineral frequencies! my plant frequencies! my animal frequencies! My animal Frequencies! My human frequencies! and my Angelic Frequencies.

Eye my Breath am my galaxies! my Planets! My Breath-o-sphere! My atmosphere of earth vibrations.

What we are are is what we have and our Breath is all there is. Trust your Breath; Love your Breath; Accept your Breath as your Divine substance and your human constitution! Accept your Breath as your only reality. Glorify your Breath as your Health, Wealth and Happiness! Accept your Breath as your paradise of original sweetness! Feel your Breath as your wisdom, significance and true understanding! Accept and treasure your Breath as your living ingredients expressing you as itself and all of what you are worth!

Trust your Breath with all of your heart, soul, strength, mind and passion!

My Breath , your Breath, Our Breath is all of who we are forever!

Desmond Donald Green