By Andy Skadberg

Today is the day when the Reverence For Life University Web site will be officially posted. This is just an introduction and we will constantly be adding new content. However, this is an historical event since the original proposal was written in 2008 and the RFL Foundation was created by Desmond Green in Jamaica in 1994.

This site is being launched from our Quad Cities campus and we are excited with the number of wonderful people who are being attracted to our gathering here along the Mississippi River.

Here are some links to the Core curriculum - the book "The Global Citizenship Passport" which contains two of Desmond Green's books, The Practice and The "4th R".

Trust Your Breath is Desmond's newest book which outlines a new "breath vocabulary".
What we are speaking is so important, although many of us are saying things that contradict ourselves, negate ourselves or are creating energies that we really would not prefer to share with the world. However, we have been quite disconnected from our languages and the root meanings of so many words. This very short video by Desmond on The Power of Words, provides a very powerful reminder that we really need to be minding our mouths, that is if we want the best results for ourselves and the world. Trust Your Breath is a powerful proclamation, a poetic, prophetic liberation of breath fueled inspiration and light. Here is an essay I wrote awhile back on the Power of Words.

Do not underestimate the power of this little book, and and language it contains to catalyze a transformation in your life.

This is all that I will post for today. Thank you for this opportunity to be of Service and we are so grateful for being the ones who can bring in this beautiful gift "Breath Consiousness",

To download a Pdf version of the Reverence For Life University flyer click this link.

With Great Love,