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Crimson Circle

September 23, 2013
Until I modify the Web site to provide resources we recommend, I will post a notice here at the blog. Desmond recommends the Crimson Circle as a clear source for insights and information

So Simple

September 23, 2013
Waking up and becoming aware is each person's response-ability. All arguments cease without the breath to carry them. This IS the ultimate test of all thought or image-based discussions/arguments. Without Your breath, you cannot think or talk, or anything. So many discussions about possible solutions to the, apparent, infinitude of problems. There are no problems that the Breath will not address, because it is what is supporting them. To remove support from those things you don't want...
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Extension - a poem

July 31, 2013
Love professes you to be
En-joy that you are eternally free
Shallow are the graves of those who've been
Dancing amongst the graves of their kin
No-thing lost, no-thing gained
Ever present wonders are entrained
The way that life stands and emerges
Is from your essence of your Being as it surges
Release any questions about
There is absolutely no doubt
That All That Is, Is You re-vealing
YourSelf as extension with no ceiling

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Breathe Freely

July 31, 2013
The word God, or playing music, doing sports or performances, thinking, feeling, Being - these are all things that ride on the magic carpet we call the "breath" - connecting with it, contemplating it, appreciating it will bring you home to yourself. And it doesn't require any thing, or thinking, just doing - something that is already happening to you. It's FREE! And, you can trust it.

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Peace, Love and Abundance,

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My Breath is my universe of original sweetness

July 24, 2013

"My Breath is My Universe of Original Sweetness" ~ Desmond Green

Breathe Deeply, consciously, and let these words soak into the ground of your heart and consciousness. Feel the peace that you already are as you "taste" the deep and satisfying "sweetness" that supports you, and all of life.

- this is the NEW story that replaces the story of original sin, and all of its derivative stories that we see in the world.

With Great Love,


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July 4, 2013
We are a living light show. It is distracting, amazing, wonderful and can lead to great confusion and dismay. The white light came in through the prism of Lyra and we are mesmerized by the show. There is a duality virus running rampant in our brain that is cascading "illusions" of dancing shadows on the wall that has us in overload in the mental labyrinth in our tiny little brain. All this creation is sourced from Infinite Love, a Creator with such mind boggling capacities as to creat...
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Breath Consciousness not a Theory

July 4, 2013
Breath Consciousness is not a theory or concept. It is an awareness/experience, feeling knowing that God/Source/Love supplies our creation via our breath. All things that we see, feel, experience were created by somebody who is breathing whether visible or invisible. This awareness is happening to us as we learn to Breath Deeply, consciously and appreciatingly. 
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Feeling ONE

June 26, 2013
From my blog archives, available at

Feeling One

The One had to forget. If we came into this form knowing all, having experienced all, being infinite, there would only be continued knowing.

Somehow source effectively created an experiential shroud, a seemingly thick veil which previously human perception found challenging to pierce or dissolve. And yet the process of this life, or the purpose it seems is to be just that. By consciously, patiently atten...
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Becoming Younger -

June 23, 2013
"To become like a child" - I don't think that is just a nicey, wicey thought. It hit me last night that it is literal. To allow ourselves to drop all of the adult seriousness, to drop the beliefs that imprison us, to release all of the judgements, to allow ourselves to let go of the ideas of aging even. Have you ever thought about the industry of getting old, especially in this country? We are not serving ourselves, or the world well for allowing ourselves to be convinced that life is a progr...

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The Peacemaker - Prayer for Peace - Peace Making

June 21, 2013
Here is a poem I wrote some time back. I also wrote a Prayer for Peace and a short-course that I called Peace Making.

These were inspired from Desmond's "The Practice" but also from my longstanding connection to Mother Earth, or Gaia. Please enjoy these Sharings. Spend some time in Nature, but your feet on the ground and get your batteries charged, and Breathe, deeply, consciously and appreciatingly!

From October 29, 2010

The Peacemaker

All these fragmented perceptions,
are there really any pie...
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