Waking up and becoming aware is each person's response-ability. All arguments cease without the breath to carry them. This IS the ultimate test of all thought or image-based discussions/arguments. Without Your breath, you cannot think or talk, or anything. So many discussions about possible solutions to the, apparent, infinitude of problems. There are no problems that the Breath will not address, because it is what is supporting them. To remove support from those things you don't want, stop thinking and talking about them. How do you stop thinking and talking about these things? - study and apply "The Practice" and be conscious of Your Breath as often as you can remember. Speak only of those things that you want to experience. The Breath (God, or any label you give it) is taking us to our Destination and IT knows all that is going on. En-joy, Appreciate and Trust Your Breath because it is what is supplying all that you are experiencing and it is becoming conscious of itself, through you.