Global Breath Appreciation Day

The Global Breath Appreciation Day (GBAD), February 11th is to be an annual celebration to be initiated in Jamaica in 2014. We are planning the GBAD to be the finale of a week of festivities and inspirational experiences for all of Jamaica, and the world. The GBAD is being organized by the Reverence for Life University (RFLU) and the Global Breath Consciousness Institute Jamaica.  Its mission is to facilitate and influence the development and implementation of programs and the dissemination of literature that will impact the quality of life, and en-strengthen peoples across the world. Its philosophy grows from the World Family Festival which began in 1981 and is grounded in the principle that the nuclear and extended families form the foundation on which to build a moral, just and caring society.

The intent of Reverence for Life University is to share this Breath Consciousness awareness through the Jamaican demonstration to the rest of the world. We have established campuses for RFLU in locations in the USA and have made connections to people from many nations. Jamaica was the birthplace of Breath Consciousness with the work of Desmond Green and should be the place where this rapidly emerging awareness establishes a home base in the Global Breath Awareness Day.

We are very excited to have the endorsement of the Jamaica Tourist Board for this exciting event. Andy Skadberg, Ph.D., one of the founders of RFLU, has expertise in many areas of tourism and will be glad to be of any service for organizing this event and what we believe will be a phenomenal success.

For additional information you can learn about Breath Consciousness at, or the project the Global Breath Consciousness Institute at

Contact either Desmond Green by phone or Andy Skadberg at or by phone at 309-314-5574.