Reverence for Life University

Reverence For Life University
Campuses, Centers, Portals

Currently there are two main campuses, but wherever there is a person who is willing to embrace themselves, their breath there is a "campus". And each person is both faculty and student. There is no more abdicating one's authority to an outside "validator". Your breath is your validator.

Quad Cities Main Campus
(between Iowa and Illinois on the Mississippi River)

We have a number of people and organizations that are coming together forming the RFLU Campus - Quad Cities. Currently the main campus is located in Rock Island, IL.

The Quad Cities are comprised of Rock Island, Moline and East Moline on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, with Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa. In total there are 13 communities clustered in the region.

We are gathering our energies to find a building to house the RFLU. Until then we center The University of You in each of the people coming together who embrace themselves and the wonder of the breath and of life.

 U. of West Indies

Desmond Green, our dear friend who channeled The Practice is originally from Jamaica, although he currently lives in Hartford, CT. The RFLU has been forming for many years. The formal designation happened in 1994 when he formed the Reverence for Life Foundation and then implemented The Passport in the prison system between 1995 - 2000. More recently the Richmond Fellowship at the Patricia House has been grounding our University and Fellowship in practice.

Dr. Skadberg then wrote the formal proposal for the RFLU, Jamaica in 2008 and created the Global Breath Consciousness Institute Web site. Since that time Desmond has traveled to Jamaica implementing various programs with groups and institutions there. This process is like planting seeds and now we have various people's from different places who have embraced The Practice and adopted it to their own lives.

Soon we will have an online resource to identify and network each of these "pods" of activity. Until then, we continue to build portals for people to enter and discover the joys and wonders of their own beings.

View of Rock Island, IL across the Mississippi River from Davenport, IA. Centennial Bridge off to the right.
Sunset in Jamaica from Andy Skadberg's trip to meet Desmond Green for the first time in 2008.