Reverence for Life University

Breathe Consciously

K.I.S.S - "Keep It Simple Sweetheart"

~ A Mantra to repeat as often as you remember "My Breath is My Paradise of Original Sweetness"

Step 1. Get your copy of The Practice and begin to follow the
            suggestions. You can get The Practice and The 4th "R" in
            the Global Citizenship Passport.
Step 2. Join our Reverence for Life Fellowship, contact Desmond or
            Andy through the contact page.
Step 3. Share, Celebrate, Play, Register Your Breath in Your
            Consciousness and Your Consciousness in Your Breath.

Two Books by Desmond Green to get you started - download for free, but please support with a Love Donation (Tax-free charitable donation)

Global Citizenship Passport

Trust Your Breath