Reverence for Life University

Here are some resources that will assist you
to get connected with the source of your life, and to empower you.

The Practice - start here!

Global Breath Consciousness "The 1st "R" modules

Short, yet very powerful videos by Desmond Green on topics like "the breath", "The Power of Words", Your Mood, Tracking, etc.

Daily Regimen - Your Practice - describes a simple set of activities to practice each day.

Reverence for Life, Golden Way, The Practice - is a synopsis of The 8 points of The Practice and links to Dr. Skadberg's essays, poetry and references to Albert Schweitzer and personal references and blogs.

Learn to Breathe: The Whole-Body Breathingseries by Anna Coy
 - Exclusive Opportunity Download for FREE from here

Breath-O-Matics - joining the works of Desmond Green and Andy Skadberg

We will be adding new courses and information to these pages, so check back regularly.

More courses, on additional topics - resources gathered by Dr. Andy Skadberg
(in essence a "tool-box" for developing innovative strategies for community/business revitalization and individual empowerment).

- The Practice - the Breath Process- advanced "Breath Consciousness"
- Reaching Out - from With-in - to Our Challenged Friends and Family - an en-strengthening and skills training endeavor. A Vision to provide assistance to people who are not getting what they need through existing social, government, medical and public assistance programs.
- Team/Individual Experience and Study Guide -
The following are suggestions for individuals to read, contemplate and potentially use as guideposts for discovering YOUR-SELF, which ultimately is what we are all here to discover (quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson).
- Light Star Study Group - an advanced course for investigating life and various possibilities
- Peace Making - The Practice & Connection with Gaia/Mother Earth
- Love Transcends - an essay on how to connect with your Love energy, and share.
- Trail Blazing - a Prayer - is an essay about putting oneself out, boldly yet in a way consistent with you.
- How to Live - an essay which is an inquiry into life, successful living and how to align with love
- Questioning Beliefs - why should you examine your beliefs?
- Preparation for Re-Creation - a preface to Dr. Skadberg's "Vision - We ARE Re-Creating the World" book.
- Solomon Empowerment Star

- De-fragging from the Matrix - several essays on a variety of topics, examining the nature of the world an
   how to free ourselves from self-imposed prisons.

- Starting your own business, - visioning, entrepreneurship, idea development, etc. 
- Tourism and community development,
- Agriculture, cooperatives, etc.

- H.O.M.E. (Honoring Our Mother Earth) Communities & Network - an outline for the creation of "intentional communities" and a technology to support networking and collaboration.
- World Proclamation for Emancipation 2011 - a statement and outline for freeing humanity from historical perspectives and how we can use technologies to alter human endeavor towards re-creation.