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Introduction -
Cosmic Conscious Deep Breathing Society

by Andy Skadberg
During a short contemplation yesterday I thought about the amount of chemical/electrical reactions that happen inside just one organ of my body. These same activities are happening in everything, from a blade of grass, to the digestion inside a bug, to the energetic reactions within stars and galaxies. There is precise timing that must occur for the process to continue. One link in these endless chains of activities and life as we know it would end. The infinite intelligence of the cosmos manages these without our meddling. We are the living results. 

The same processes that make sure the timing happens properly are also going on with our individual and collective conscious evolution. To think of this with dualistic thinking causes great stress and overwhelm-ment. Our consciousness has us discussing all that we think is "wrong", and not happening in the proper time. We think we can manage, organize and get things done better, as we think about our past experiences as we project these "theories" of something being wrong with nature into the future. The truth is, there is no way to push a river, nor do we really need to. The way to come to peace with the knowing that everything is proceeding perfectly is to move to the simple realization/experience of One Breath. Remove one breath from that wave of breaths that you are, is not possible. The NOW is entered, and becomes eternal in One Breath, and provides complete security and satisfaction, like no other activity that we can participate in. Appreciating Your Breath, as Your Source and Supply and as being everlasting puts you in your point of power to create your life consciously, not by accident, or happenstance. Thinking will not solve our current conundrum, it has created it, for a very important purpose, but it will not get us out of it. It was not its function. Thinking's purpose was to discover a vast new level of experience, of the idea of separation, apparent, disconnect from our Source, which is not possible. Now as this pursuit has run its course, we are being invited to leave complexity and return to simplicity, One Breath, which instigates Reverence for Life, the foundation for the new Earth experience. Drop the old stories, cease arguing or questioning life. IT is being guided, supported and orchestrated with something to beautiful, wonderful and powerful. The Breath is the currency of Infinite Love, which is inviting us to enjoy the next chapter in our evolutionary process, of awareness, as individuated consciousness as YOU. Join our Cosmic Conscious Deep Breathing Society.

Outwork – a forward

Every generation gives birth to its own philosophers as guides to the philosophical principles to strengthen our minds. There was Thoth for the ancient ancestors, Epictetus soon after Jesus Christ, Marcus Mosiah just a century ago, and Robert Nesta Marley for a generation in the passing. The magic of their words and the beauty of their articulations are constant reminders that the philosopher’s chief function is to elicit in us our finest remembrances of what inspires us on to Divine perfection. We are thus reminded of the importance of principles such as the Divine, writing and reading, measurement, information and its communication, sensing and its positive responses, timing and its place in all things, and the majesty of growth, development and transformation. Our generation has our seminal reminders from Desmond Green.

It has been said before, but it might as well be said again, Desmond Green is well suited for this function of spiritual guidance. Aside from the usual academic credentials, Green brings unique talents to his task as articulated in Millennium Honey Nuts, The Global Citizenship Passport (The Practice, and The 1st “R”), Trust Your Breath and Breath-O-Matics. He is first and foremost a student of Life and a devoted follower of Divine principles as that stargate to the nature of mind. He is constantly searching and researching multiple avenues for spiritual growth as the basis for experiencing a richly rewarding life. Desmond Green’s philosophy embraces the concept of life at its deepest levels and supports the affirmation of the human growth and development to its highest potential, in the most enlightened reflection. His philosophy touches from the lowest to highest among us and subsequently lifts us all up and shows us the beauty of the nature of our minds.

Reading the Millennium Honey Nuts is reminiscent of Epictetus’ Art of Living. Then as well as here we  are reminded to recognize appearances for what they really are, make full use of what happens to you, approach life as a banquet, and avoid adopting other people’s negative views. Like his philosopher ancestors, Green reminds us that “self acceptance is the foundation of self preservation,” “Every shadow is the indisputable equal of the light that casts it,” It is impossible to be lonely while affirming ourselves and appreciating the rest of creation,” Positive self-esteem is accepting ourselves as our Creator’s dream,” etc. Within the Millennium Honey Nuts, we hear the ten universal principles articulated over and over again in myriad ways. Desmond Green reminds us of numbering, timing, writing, measuring, transforming, structuring, informing, ordering, sensing, and the Divine nature in the mind.

This precious little book is a special gift from the philosopher’s mind. Pick it up; read it; read it again, and again until you feel the wisdom in the truism that “The only things in life which are truly ours are our unforgettable memories.” My own mind has been a richer place since I picked up and read this little book. Our generation is blessed with having our own philosopher in our midst to remind us of our Divine heritage and legacy. Millennium Honey Nuts goes beyond the “Yard Style Philosophy” of Vintage Jamaica to a universal reading of the current human yearning. We wait anticipating its translation into the Jamaican language.

John Fray
Professor, Cellular and Molecular
Physiology Graduate Program
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Worcester, MA, USA

Our Breath is our Only Real Currency!

Our breath is our only real currency and capital supplying all of our biological needs. When we took our first “BREATH” we activated our cosmic account of absolute abundance and exponential potential forever. All of the real currency or capital needed to run our lives has been is available for us to spend forward one conscious deep breath at a time. With the first Breath at the moment we entered this world frequency until we take our last Breath to pass to other realms we are developing our Breath consciousness skills. We as our Breath, span our physical cosmos. We as our Breath are our process “BREATHING, PULSATING and multiplying ourselves into all living beings. All life forms are their Breath CAPITAL.

All of our Cultural Institutions, Monetary and Economic systems which overlook our “BREATH AS OUR PRIMARY CAPITAL” are based on illusive images which we are in truth supporting with our breath. All of our belief systems which are products of our unconscious or shallow breathing Practices have created great suffering and confusion Globally.

The Universal Breathing Bank will change this as we recognize OUR BREATH as our only real Capital and use it to fund all of our projects one conscious deep breath at a time. We will now be able to See, Hear, Smell, Taste, and Feel our Breath as our Absolute Abundance and Exponential Consciously. We will discover that our only limitations are effects of our shallow breathing practices. We will know that our “BREATH CAPITAL POOL”  is always our current available balance. Think about this. Have you ever not been supplied the necessary oxygen? So here, at the Universal Breathing Bank we will come together, and work together, to understand the real support system. To live in Prosperity, Abundance, Freedom - because this is “OUR BREATH RIGHTS”  OUR Breath is always our Cosmic touch-stone. OUR BREATH IS OUR BEGINING  WITHOUT END. The place that we begin. If you doubt this, look into all the spiritual teachings - they all, at some point, point you to your Breath. To ground your Being in some kind of practical application of Breathing.

Eye Am My Breath. Eye Am Your Breath. Eye Am Our Breath of Infinite Abundance and Limitless Potential - Now!

To download your own Universal Breathing Banks Notes, follow this link

Breath-o-matics Mission

To help you discover the treasure that you already are!


Our experiences so far have been very important to learn about our creative powers. A great deal of our focus has been external—seeing, sensing, working, doing, creating and sharing.

All of this has contributed greatly to our worldly experience and understanding.

The Reverence for Life University (RFLU) is introducing a “skill-set” that will provide the way that you can become the true architect/orchestrator of your life, your creation and your experience.

The foundation of this skill-set (The Practice) is Conscious Deep Breathing which is a physical/mechanical action and process to make sure your body and mind are getting adequate fuel to operate at maximum efficiency and capacity.

Shallow breathing starves us and tends to cause people to feel insecure and unsatisfied—the two basic needs living in this world as a human being.




Our Team and Some History

Desmond Donald Green –

is a Research Psychologist with over 35 years of experience. After graduate studies in Psychology, Philosophy and Theology he spent the next 25 years doing post graduate work with Prof. Ross Mooney of Ohio State University and Milton Senn M.D., Founder of the Yale Child Study Clinic.     More about Desmond           
                                                                             Our Friend Desmond Green, by Andy Skadberg

The Reverence for Life University has been in formation for a very long time—at least during the lifetime of Desmond Green, our friend who has understood Breath Consciouness until the rest of us arrived. However, a formal proposal was written by Dr. Skadberg in 2008 to create the Jamaican RFLU—this proposal can be accessed at

The foundations of the RFLU have been written. We make these books available for FREE download because we know the coming Age of Experientialism is based upon the principle of Sharing. Our books can be downloaded from the following Web sites:    

We recommend the E-books “
Global Citizenship Passport” (includes The Practice and The 1st "R") and “Trust Your Breath” to start. Also, join us at Facebook.


Breathomatics – Opening up to Ourselves

Level 1: Breath-o-matics

Breathing correctly is not only important for living longer but also to have a good mood and keep performing at
your best. Let us look at the benefits of deep breathing and why you should make it part of your everyday
1. Breathing Detoxifies and Releases Toxins
Your body is designed to release 70% of its toxins through breathing. If you are not breathing effectively, you
are not properly ridding your body of its toxins i.e. other systems in your body must work overtime which could
eventually lead to illness. When you exhale air from your body you release carbon dioxide that has been passed
through from your bloodstream into your lungs. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste of your body's metabolism.
2. Breathing Releases Tension
Think how your body feels when you are tense, angry, scared or stressed. It constricts. Your muscles get tight
and your breathing becomes shallow. When your breathing is shallow you are not getting the amount of oxygen
that your body needs.
3. Breathing Relaxes the Mind/Body and Brings Clarity
Oxygenation of the brain reducing excessive anxiety levels. Paying attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly,
deeply and purposefully into your body. Notice any places that are tight and breathe into them. As you relax
your body, you may find that the breathing brings clarity and insights to you as well.
4. Breathing Relieves Emotional Problems
Breathing will help clear uneasy feelings out of your body.
5. Breathing Relieves Pain.
You may not realize its connection to how you think, feel and experience life. For example, what happens to
your breathing when you anticipate pain? You probably hold your breath. Yet studies show that breathing into
your pain helps to ease it.
6. Breathing Massages Your Organs
The movements of the diaphragm during the deep breathing exercise massages the stomach, small intestine,
liver and pancreas. The upper movement of the diaphragm also massages the heart. When you inhale air your
diaphragm descends and your abdomen will expand. By this action you massage vital organs and improves
circulation in them. Controlled breathing also strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles.
7. Breathing Increases Muscle
Breathing is the oxygenation process to all of the cells in your body. With the supply of oxygen to the brain this
increases the muscles in your body.
8. Breathing Strengthens the Immune System
Oxygen travels through your bloodstream by attaching to haemoglobin in your red blood cells. This in turn then
enriches your body to metabolise nutrients and vitamins.
9. Breathing Improves Posture
Good breathing techniques over a sustained period of time will encourage good posture. Bad body posture will
result of incorrect breathing so this is such an important process by getting your posture right from early on you
will see great benefits.
10. Breathing Improves Quality of the Blood
Deep breathing removes all the carbon-dioxide and increases oxygen in the blood and thus increases blood
11. Breathing Increases Digestion and Assimilation of food
The digestive organs such as the stomach receive more oxygen, and hence operates more efficiently. The
digestion is further enhanced by the fact that the food is oxygenated more.
12. Breathing Improves the Nervous System
The brain, spinal cord and nerves receive increased oxygenation and are more nourished. This improves the
health of the whole body, since the nervous system communicates to all parts of the body.
13. Breathing Strengthen the Lungs
As you breathe deeply the lung become healthy and powerful, a good insurance against respiratory problems.
14. Proper Breathing makes the Heart Stronger.
Breathing exercises reduce the workload on the heart in two ways. Firstly, deep breathing leads to more
efficient lungs, which means more oxygen, is brought into contact with blood sent to the lungs by the heart. So,
the heart doesn't have to work as hard to deliver oxygen to the tissues. Secondly, deep breathing leads to a
greater pressure differential in the lungs, which leads to an increase in the circulation, thus resting the heart a
15. Proper Breathing assists in Weight Control.
If you are overweight, the extra oxygen burns up the excess fat more efficiently. If you are underweight, the
extra oxygen feeds the starving tissues and glands.
16. Breathing Boosts Energy levels and Improves Stamina
17. Breathing Improves Cellular Regeneration
18. Breathing Elevates Moods
Breathing increase pleasure-inducing neurochemicals in the brain to elevate moods and combat physical pain
How to Breathe properly?
In order to breathe properly you need to breathe deeply into your abdomen not just your chest. Breathing
exercises should be deep, slow, rhythmic, and through the nose, not through the mouth. The most important
parts of deep breathing has to be regulating your breaths three to four seconds in, and three to four seconds out.

To download a printable pdf, follow this link

The art of Conscious Deep Breathing begins with an awareness of what the breath is doing. To do this one must become an inner-world explorer. Develop enough curiosity with how breath works and allow yourself to wander around inside your being to observe the way in which breath functions and benefits you.

Conscious deep breathing is the first of seven principles under-girding The Practice.

Breath is life. You are living because you are breathing. A "shallow breathing practice” is the root of scarcity, greed, insecurity, anxiety, fear and the cause of all violence. The more diligently we practice the art of conscious deep breathing the easier it will be for us to achieve those goals which we set ourselves in life.

As we see our breath as spiritual fuel and RECOGNISE, ACCEPT, APPRECIATE and EMBRACE it, it becomes our lifeline to love happiness, health, wealth, inner peace and lasting security.

10 ideal occasions for practicing deep breathing
1. During heated conversations, to avert arguments
2. When stuck in bumper to bumper traffic
3. When awaiting news of an emergency nature
4. While waiting to address a public gathering
5. When facing the unknown
6. To diffuse boiling anger or pent up rage
7. When facing critical choices
8. When you want to create positive results
9. When you want to overcome haunting fears

Behind every expression is its breath. Whatever I am looking at is its breath. The breath behind all manifestation is its essence, which is the infinite, universal LIFE supporting all life. It is infused in all life and expresses itself through all things, animate and inanimate.
To surrender to your breath is to give permission to the infinite wisdom, LIFE, to express through you. At this point, the little human gives way to his/her Universal nature. At the level of the Divine, life is an effortless, joyful, loving expression of itself.

The Divine has no problems, because It, by its very nature, is the solution. The Divine has no lack, because It is everything that was, is and will ever be created. The Divine sees only its overflowing abundance. The Divine cannot be lonely or unloved because Its essence is love and It lives through all of Its unique expressions. The Divine does not understand disease or illness because It is LIFE.

THIS IS WHO I AM. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE. THIS IS WHO WE ALL ARE; the Universal nature expressing through the individual; Experiencing itself in all of its myriad aspects and views. We never question our breaths, we simply breathe. Where does it come from? Who keeps it going? The intelligence of the universe has each of us in place and will support each one according to his belief and trust in it. There is no other authority other than that of your breath. This is your connection to the SOURCE. This is your point of influence. This is your liberation from the illusion of poverty, disease, low self-esteem, loneliness, lack or limitation of any kind. Your Divinity envelopes everything you feel, think, see or touch. You are Divine breath in flesh; a full co-creator with the essence of YOUR SOURCE.

Neither wealth nor poverty exists as realities. Both are illusionary states created in 3D for my experience; the experience of myself as a creator. Life simply IS its breath. It breathes its potential into every area of influence through my unique breath perspective and I have the joy or sorrow to name it what I WILL. But it is always AT MY WILL that everything that I see comes into being. Jesus said, ‘nothing comes into being but by me.’ And so it is with us. We breathe our potential into everything and everything we see springs from our breath based reality.

Think of your breath as your energy potential bank account. You draw on it every moment of every day and consciously or unconsciously spend it according to your thought/feeling/belief patterns of yesterday. The fact that on every breath intake you take in oxygen to supply vital nutrients to the body and exhale toxins is secondary.

The primary fact is that every intake contains latent possibilities for the unique creation of your world… persons, places, experiences and things. With every inhale you take in raw material for the creation of your masterpiece and on the exhale you give it its reality. With every exhale you authorize a formation, construction or destruction of magnificent proportion. IT can only exist by means of YOU, the creator. IT has no other life apart from the one you give it. It has no other meaning but the meaning that you ascribe to it.

Creating thought/feeling/belief pattern
Creating new thought/feeling/belief patterns is as easy as taking your next breath. It is your next breath, fused with the energy of your desire that will create your new pattern…IF YOU DON’T BREAK THE MOLD. What mold? The mold that you create as you send out your desire! To wonder, ponder, doubt, fear or even hope that a thing will or will not happen will break a positive mold every time.

With purpose, clarity and the full authority of a creator cast the die and let it be. None of your thoughts/feelings/beliefs can come back to you void. Your harvest will be exactly as you have sown. The universe has a precise blueprint. It cannot alter or change your design. It cannot play favorites because it doesn’t care what you create. It only knows HOW TO create using your unique breath patterns, formation, construction or destruction of magnificent proportion. IT can only exist by means of YOU, the creator. IT has no other life apart from the one you give it. It has no other meaning but the meaning that you ascribe to it.

Thought/feeling/belief patterns took time to set in and therefore may take time to be replaced. However, with undiluted clarity you can make changes which appear instantly. As a matter of fact all changes happen instantly but are perceived according to our thought/feeling/belief patterns about time and reality and about how long a thing should take.

In this new energy of BreathFusion everything is NOW. 
Key words and phrases to note in your new creation: Knowing, Practice, Patience, Understanding, Clarity, Unconditional Self-Acceptance or Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance of what is, Willingness to change, Balance, Beauty, Trust yourself, integrity. Honestly explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Own them. They are your creations. But change them if they don’t serve you.

Breathe life into your finances, your relationships, your body, and your surroundings. Breathe peace into war, abundance into poverty, health into illness. Breathe life on the illusion of death. Breathe for those around you who have forgotten who they are. Spend your next breath wisely. BreathFusion is your Kingdom of Heaven.


Level II: “Opening Up to Ourself”

The Breath Comes First

 ~ Andy Skadberg

God/Source/Love gave you a gift, even as you were in your mothers womb - your breath, before that you were sharing your breath with her.

God wants our appreciation for the gift of life. We can easily survive without our eyes, but not our breath. It is like a waveform, continually moving the Divine substance of consciousness, light and matter (all vibrations) in and out of your physical, spiritual being. To overlook and not appreciate this gift has created the ills of the world. But this is all for experience. To experience lack, confusion, poverty, fear and any sundry words, concepts, beliefs - but these are merely creations of shallow breathing thought, that are still, riding on the breath. As we come to the bottom of this barrel, you must relinquish old beliefs because the new consciousness program does not support that which, apparently, contradicts life. Holding on to old battered and tattered luggage will not serve you and your new opportunities. To accelerate and facilitate your new "consciousness fitting" (that is occurring by Divine Decree) you can "grease the skids" by appreciating your breath. Thank God for it. Be happy as you go about your day, noticing. Noticing. Noticing. Your thoughts. Your loves. Your trees. Your hairs. Your bees (if they aren't dormant sleeping/breathing for the winter).

A great use of free-will, your power of choice, is to be grateful for that which gives you life - your breath. Want to test the theory? Stop breathing for 15 minutes and try to consider these ideas. Try to tell someone how breathing isn't important. Stop, notice and Thank Your God for your breath, because it is what supplies you with life. Then, in acknowledging this first gift, first, all the rest of your gifts will come bombarding you in a way that will astound you. This awareness will make you invincible to any apparent threats. God has no threats for you. They are only the constructs of shallow breathing creatures which soon will be a thing of the past in this world. Be grateful. Take the first step of your new journey. You cannot take a new journey starting with a second step. Knowing that you are appreciative of your full endowment will empower you to create with Reverence for Life, the most fulfilling activity you will ever partake of. You will be able to use each breath to the fullest, launching your greatest Love creations back out to be enjoyed by everyone, including Your God, that has been anxiously awaiting you to show your full appreciation for this thing that has been so "in our face" that most of us have been missing it.

Be blessed, and get your free "Global Citizenship Passport" book which will give you instructions on how to perfect your Breath Consciousness "skill-set" - it's just like riding a bike, you need to teach yourself how to do it to enjoy it to the fullest.

Reaching Out - From With-In
to Our Challenged Friends and Families – an individual en-strengthening and skills training endeavor.
A collaboration between the Reverence for Life University, Experience Co-Evolution Group, Vision Excelerator, Self Management Institute, The Moods Channel, QC Collective and a consortium of organizations, businesses and individuals

Vision and Intention
Create an Educational Resource & Technical Assistance Center (hereafter Center) that provides access to information and assistance to  various marginalized populations with a focus on en-strengthening, skills and trades training, entrepreneurship and cooperative, community development.

This proposal describes the creation of an outreach strategy to offer services and assistance to various marginalized people who live in nearly every locale in the world. Our offerings are based on real world projects that have been implemented in various places. It builds off of the work of Dr. Andrew Skadberg in the area of regional/community revitalization and Desmond Green with individual empowerment and personal transformation. To see the transformation established on The Practice and the Reverence for Life Foundation in the Jamaican prison system between 1995-2000 follow this link.

There are immense opportunities to reach out to various populations of people who have found themselves marginalized because of economic and past government approaches to serving people and communities. Some of these groups include:

  • Veterans of War and disabled Vets
  •  Individuals who have been incarcerated, and those who have been released
  •  People who have experienced challenges with various addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling)
  • Homeless populations
  •  People of “minority” or other national descent
  • Native Americans
  • Single mothers and children

Working with these populations can seem to be quite challenging, however, innumerable examples exist about the power of individuals who have experienced overwhelming challenge and then overcame. People who reach “bottom” can often demonstrate incredible turn around in their lives and thus provide inspiration for others to follow.

One of the most phenomenal of these examples is with the work of Desmond Green in the Jamaica prison system. Desmond implemented a program called “The Practice” with the “worst” populations, those being individuals serving death sentences or life sentences. By sharing the powerful, yet simple principles outlined he was able to assist individuals to set themselves free, even while in prison. The success is shown in that recidivism reduced from 90% to 30% between 1995 and 2000 and that prison violence was significantly reduced during those years.

Building off of the foundation of The Practice by Desmond Green, our group intends to provide a number of educational programs and instructions, utilizing a “learning by doing model” (experiential education), combined with common-sense community development solutions that will enable various populations, towns, villages and nations to transform their socio-economic conditions. Here are initial areas of emphasis:

-          Individual empowerment

-          Nature, environment, conservation, recreation

-          Trades, craftsmanship, agriculture, energy, transportation, innovation in construction

-          Arts, music, performing arts, media, creative endeavors

-          Entrepreneurship

-          Technology an Web based business and learning

-          Tourism and community development

To read the complete project description, follow this link

Level III:  The Practice

Taking the Breath Consciousness skill-sets to the world through classrooms, educational settings and festivals is our advanced practice. Here is a summary outline of a series of courses and programs. Follow the link below for the entire outline.

SMI Workshops Modules
- Pre-natal Program
- Pre-Kindergarten Program (2- 4)
- Kindergarten Program (5 – 8)
- Elementary Program (9 – 12)
- Teen Age Program (13 – 16)
- Young Adult Workshop (17 +)
- Male/Female Relationships Workshop
- Therapy for addictive/abusive behavior
- Self-Management Program for adults

Special Activities
- African Heritage Studies
- Computer Music Tutorial  
- Drumming
- Creative Writing
- Social Skills & Etiquette 
- Building Leadership Skills 
- Essential Entrepreneur Skill 
- Parenting & Communication Skills
- Résumé and interview preparation courses

‘Art In The Park’

Program Overview 
‘Art In The Park’ is a cultural enrichment program for children and young adults.  The program seeks to collaborate with Friends of Keney Park, talented local children and young adults, local professional artists, community scholars and advisors in the creation of a five-acre Art Park located in Keney Park.  It is designed to create a center of attention in Keney Park and to reflect, showcase and integrate the multi-cultural diversity of the Hartford area.  

To view the complete course series outlines, follow this link


To view videos of Desmond speaking on a variety of topics, follow this link

Daily Regimen - Your Practice
A course organized by Andy Skadberg
No one can choose better feeling thoughts for you. Your feelings are the program that guide you. Your response-ability is your ability to STOP! Choose another train of thoughts, words and actions.

Your point of power is Now. You are in touch, fusion with the Now with each breath you take.

The "con" in confusion are thoughts of con-tradiction. There is, in actuality, no contradiction, just experience.
Once the experience begins to feed upon you, it is your choice to change the experience by a daily regimen, Your Practice

Daily Exercise - suggestions - see details and links below

1. The Practice outlined by Desmond Green
2. Earth Grounding - connecting your feet, body directly with the Earth
3. Breathing: Deeply, Consciously, Appreciatingly
4. Envisioning - Being, doing what feels good to you. (Preparation for Re-Creation) -

Thoughts of the future or past tend to insight feelings of dis-content. The power is in the Now - One Breath.

Reverence for Life starts with Your Life!

Removing "old" programs that act like viruses can seem to be quite challenging. A dedicated "Practice" combined with the physical act of Conscious Deep Breathing can accomplish what years of therapy can "try" to achieve.

Your feelings tell you the results you will be getting from your train of thoughts.

Some of the deepest, most prevalent "programs" exist around money.

Accusational theology and psychology are what we are looking to remove from our experience (individually and collectively). Blame, shame, guilt are the symptoms and characteristics of this program. It exhibits itself in our perspectives of ourselves, families, others (including government, corporations, institutions, ideas, etc.). Blaming will eventually lead to healing.
You choose how quickly.

Life Affirmation, Reverence for Life (Albert Schweitzer) is the new program.

It is being installed with each breath you take, with or without, your conscious participation.

Shallow, asphyxiated, breathing created a world of human disharmony. For Experience, and seeing the details. There is a huge purpose that we have been going through. It has been a blessing. It is all Good.

Daily Regimen             Adapt to You!!!!

Breath Consciously, Deeply, Appreciatingly: all day, as often as possible

The Practice: Read, adapt principles to your day 8 principles adapted to your daily experiences
Background:  Desmond Green's Videos     The Power of Words      Breathing    Your Mood    Tracking

Earth Grounding: 20 minutes per day with bare feet or body on Earth
Background: Grounded Video telling of man's 13 month experience
Our Star Power - my inspiration from Law of One about connecting with Earth energy, chakras, etc.

Solar Appreciation: feeling connection to sun, soak up energy/love, spend time in sunlight - as much as possible

Track Your Thoughts by being aware of Your Feelings: ongoing/continuous, to best of ability

Background: Things You Must Do Every Day - Abraham (Jerry & Ester Hicks) have many videos and books that are great. 

Dedicate as much time as you can to those things that bring you joy
 - loved ones, time in nature, inspiring pursuits
- creating your vision, following your passion, experiencing bliss
- working for the life and world of your dreams

Concluding Thoughts
You cannot expect evidence for some future event or creation, now. The creation will show up in its own time.
Physical creation with the "old program" has had limitations and constraints. These programs are coming to an end.

Investing your time, energy, thoughts and feelings into someone else's game will result in dis-harmony.
Bhagavad Gita 3:35: And do thy duty, even if it be humble, rather than another´s, even if it be great. To die in one´s duty is life: to live in another´s is death. The only true purpose is to: "work for the world".

You are being guided, supported and loved beyond what you can comprehend with the old programs. They are being replaced. You can Trust the Process. 

Reverence for Life, Golden Way, The Practice
a course organized by Andy Skadberg

The Practice, 8 simple principles as a practical integration of Reverence for Life into one's life.

I believe these principles will provide a simple set of guidelines (state of mind or attitude) for individuals to successfully create in the energy of Love, or Unity Consciousness. This is the new platform for creation, the new reality, or operating system, that we have moved into. No more contradictory creation.

This model is scalable, meaning it will work for individuals, small groups, communities, organizations, etc.

8 Principles/steps of The Practice - Reverence for Life, as shared by Desmond

1. Breath Consciousness - (video about Breathing, Desmond Green)
2. Languaging (Self talk) - what are we saying, in our spoken words, in our mental conversations
(The Power of Words, video Desmond Green).
3. Nutrition - the old adage "You are what you eat".
4. Playfulness (exercise) - how are we using our bodies, are we active? - Moods - Tracking
5. Vision - if a course has not been set for one's life, how can one expect to arrive at a destination (like a ship). - I have a Vision, an essay I wrote incorporating quotes from Jesus, Lao Tsu, Gita
6. Complete Self Acceptance - you were made perfect, you are loved. Do you believe this? This point addresses directly was Desmond speaks of regarding "accusational theology and psychology".
7. Spirit of Generosity - as the Beatles sang "the love you take, is equal to the love you make". Are you sharing?
8. Trust - whether we know this, we live by trust. We trust the sun will shine, the earth will rotate on its axis, our molecules will maintain their integrity. Only in the human consciousness has the idea of not trusting become prevalent. It is not serving us. free Pdf, Global Citizenship Passport   ::   Daily Template pdf 1 page

I have come to the conclusion that Reverence for Life, as realized by Albert Schweitzer is equivalent to what we most commonly know as "The Golden Rule" - "do unto others as you would have done unto you" - Jesus. I personally believe this is the "Golden Way", as rules can and will be broken. This is a statement of the operation of the cosmos.

How do we simplify this model is an essay I wrote on The Golden Rule and Reverence for Life.
How to live is another essays which introduces how practical Reverence for Life is.

As we develop teams, helping them work together, but also to know that they are creating with the purest of intentions, that will be in alignment with the New Earth, Unity Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness.

Conscious, Conscientious Self Consciousness - aware of all of life as aspects of "other Self".

My brother Torbjorn said to me in 1981 "how can you expect others to love you if you don't love yourself". I processed/digested this and wrote the experience down in 1997 - "Realization of Self Love".


this is the evidence and the action of ONE LOVE which All are contained and supported within.
Love Transcends   ::    Your Promise     ::     Love is the Motivator     ::     Unusual Love Messages

"We Are All In This Together" - is a statement of truth. We are One Life, on this Earth, in the Cosmos. My understanding of this was placed in me in an experience from 1979 - Thirty Years to Tell This Story
The Big Picture - In Simple Terms

From the movie Avatar, "you cannot put anything in a full cup". Our breath is the ultimate metaphor for this concept. Why do we believe we have to accumulate stuff?

The Breath - empty your cup (exhale), fill your cup (inhale).

For more information, or a course on "success working in teams", see this Team Individual Experience Plan/Study Guide

For a more advanced interpretation of The Practice and how it integrates into the human experience see
"The Practice - The Breath Process"

The Practice defines a body and process of core principles that when applied set the stage for life affirming demonstrations. The value of these core principles have all been well documented. For the most part the principles are presented with focus on their applications scripting new behavior patterns for productive living.

Conscious Deep Breathing
All the movements of the body and within the body are continuously taking place due to the mild, slow burning taking place in the body. Any action of the body or in the body directly affects both blood circulation and breathing. This burning is a result of breathing and blood circulation. This ensures adequate oxygen supply for movements and is a critical necessity for creative thought processes and rational thinking.
     • Conscious deep breathing helps to burn away disempowering thought patterns.
     • Conscious deep breathing helps you to stay emotionally grounded and rids the body of toxic wastes. It is also an effective way of reducing stress
        of any kind.

Core Principles
• Conscious Deep Breathing
• Self Talk
• Healthy Nutrition
• Exercise
• Unconditional Self-Acceptance
• Vision
• A Spirit of Generosity

Supplementary Principles
• Trust
• Awareness
• Integrity
• Sensory Attunement
• Challenging Belief Systems

Self Talk
Self Talk is all internal messages that we feed ourselves by way of words, thoughts, emotions and feelings that build our unique belief systems which in turn define who we are. These messages that we feed ourselves daily determine how we experience our lives. They are critical to every aspect and every experience of daily living.

Messaging creates changes and maintains ALL belief systems through constant repetition.

Healthy Nutrition
Poor eating habits, especially in young people, result in low academic performances, hyperactivity, irrational behavior and an inability to make beneficial choices for their lives.

-Exercise reduces depression, anxiety and low self-esteem
-Improves mental and emotional well-being
-Builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones, and joints
-Enhances work, recreation, and sport performance
-Exercise burns excess energy that comes from anxiety or nervousness

Unconditional Self-Acceptance
-Transforms difficult emotions into sources of strength
-Heightens self-aware
-Harmonizes and heals the dysfunctional psyche
-Positively colors every single aspect of life and living

-Strategize a vision and purpose for your life
-Learn to depend on your creative instincts every day
-Discover new levels of happiness, fulfillment and effectiveness for your life.
-Live your purpose, by choice and not by chance.

A Spirit of Generosity
Learning the qualities of noble-mindedness and the prospering power of generosity

Trust is a vital element of our daily practice. It is by accepting ourselves and the rest of our universe as our only reality and support. Learning to trust yourself completely gives you the foundation to stand and interact with the rest of life from a position of strength.
By trusting ourselves implicitly we establish the basis from which all of our needs are met.

Trust leads to the most vital aspect in our journey of consciousness and to the conscious realization of ourselves as physical spirits. Most importantly, it reveals the entire universe as a physical spirit driven process.
We can now begin to feel, see, taste, smell and hear ourselves as integral aspects of our whole universe. We are able to accept all of life as  extensions of ourselves.
As our awareness increases we feel more secure in every aspect of our lives and in our relationships with others.

-Be true to yourself
-Be honest with yourself
-Take responsibility for your words, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions

Sensory Attunement
Irrational behavior often stems from shallow breathing, lack of intuitive attunement and a damaged social network. Likewise attitudinal disorders consist of conflicting messages in the individual’s structure of values and beliefs and a distrust of the SELF as an authentic source.

Challenging Belief Systems
-Challenging beliefs back to their source
-All beliefs carry a corresponding negative or positive energy attractor pattern
-In order to change any belief system it is necessary to identify their source and their empowering or disempowering effects.

For another, Advanced Course focusing on Teams and continuing the development of The Practice and Reverence for Life Skill-sets, follow this link Team/Individual Experience Plan & Study Guide

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