Reverence for Life University

Our Breath is our Only Real Currency!

Our breath is our only real currency and capital supplying all of our biological needs. When we took our first “BREATH” we activated our cosmic account of absolute abundance and exponential potential forever. All of the real currency or capital needed to run our lives has been is available for us to spend forward one conscious deep breath at a time. With the first Breath at the moment we entered this world frequency until we take our last Breath to pass to other realms we are developing our Breath consciousness skills. We as our Breath, span our physical cosmos. We as our Breath are our process “BREATHING, PULSATING and multiplying ourselves into all living beings. All life forms are their Breath CAPITAL.

All of our Cultural Institutions, Monetary and Economic systems which overlook our “BREATH AS OUR PRIMARY CAPITAL” are based on illusive images which we are in truth supporting with our breath. All of our belief systems which are products of our unconscious or shallow breathing Practices have created great suffering and confusion Globally.

The Universal Breathing Bank will change this as we recognize OUR BREATH as our only real Capital and use it to fund all of our projects one conscious deep breath at a time. We will now be able to See, Hear, Smell, Taste, and Feel our Breath as our Absolute Abundance and Exponential Consciously. We will discover that our only limitations are effects of our shallow breathing practices. We will know that our “BREATH CAPITAL POOL”  is always our current available balance. Think about this. Have you ever not been supplied the necessary oxygen? So here, at the Universal Breathing Bank we will come together, and work together, to understand the real support system. To live in Prosperity, Abundance, Freedom - because this is “OUR BREATH RIGHTS”  OUR Breath is always our Cosmic touch-stone. OUR BREATH IS OUR BEGINING  WITHOUT END. The place that we begin. If you doubt this, look into all the spiritual teachings - they all, at some point, point you to your Breath. To ground your Being in some kind of practical application of Breathing.

Eye Am My Breath. Eye Am Your Breath. Eye Am Our Breath of Infinite Abundance and Limitless Potential - Now!