This is the most concise and comprehensive presentation on Breath, and the relation to our bodies, that I have come across. It is truly amazing that this long into my own Breath Consciousness work, that Spirit would bring such an amazing messenger in Anna Coy, together with her wonderful Sharing to help all of us find the Spirit of Love moving through our physical bodies. And to have practical instructions and guidance for how to integrate these Daily Practices in our lives which will result in total transformation in one's life and experiences.
Andy Skadberg, Ph.D. - co-founder Reverence for Life University

Learn to Breathe: The Whole-Body Breathingseries
by Anna Coy
Note: CDs are not currently available, but meditations can be downloaded.

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"Changing how you breathe will change your life."

From my heart to yours. May this program bless you as much as it has blessed me. - Anna

The Whole-Body Breathing guided sessions lead you on a journey of self discovery, connecting Mind, Body and Spirit through breath.

Every breath you take either says "yes" to life or it says "no". How you breathe determines how you feel everyday. Learn to correct poor breathing habits, reduce stress, manage you emotions and have more energy.

Relax     Heal     Open your Heart     Know your Spirit

"Anna Coy's work is so important. The art of breathing is an immeasurably powerful gift. I deeply respect Anna's grace and intention to serve." Alan Cohen, Author

"Coy has the perfect guide's voice-soft yet authoritative- Repeated listening have not only helped me feel energized again, but to deal with various other physical, mental and emotional challenges. Don not underestimate the power of conscious breathing.
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