Reverence for Life University

What if someone shared the most
valuable gift in the world with you? What would you do?

YOU! Are the most important gift you can discover! 

Practice Makes Perfect!

Many have heard this saying. The Practice as shared by Desmond D. Green is the first set of tools (skill-sets) that provides the way that will, when practiced with some dedication, totally transform ones life.

Of course Your Practice will be yours. You will have your own unique application. However the suggestions of The Practice have been distilled from lifetimes of research, spiritual study and personal experience.

Each suggestion is very important for the most success in your personal process. Make the The Practice your own.

Here are the Core and Supplementary Principles

- Conscious Deep Breathing (CDB)
- Healthy nutrition
- Vision
- A spirit of generosity
- Awareness
- Sensory attunement
- Self talk
- Exercise
- Unconditional self acceptance
- Trust
- Integrity
- Challenging belief systems

The Reverence For Life University


To discover the treasure that you already are!

Our experiences so far have been very important to learn about our creative powers. A great deal of our focus has been external—seeing, sensing, working, doing, creating and sharing.

All of this has contributed greatly to our worldly experience and understanding.

The Reverence for Life University (RFLU) is introducing a “skill-set” that will provide the way that you can become the true architect/orchestrator of your life, your creation and your experience.

The foundation of this skill-set (The Practice) is Conscious Deep Breathing which is a physical/mechanical action and process to make sure your body and mind are getting adequate fuel to operate at maximum efficiency and capacity.

Shallow breathing starves us and tends to cause people to feel insecure and unsatisfied—the two basic needs living in this world as a human being.

The Reverence for Life University has been in formation for a very long time—at least during the lifetime of Desmond Green, our friend who has understood Breath Consciouness until the rest of us arrived. However, a formal proposal was written by Dr. Skadberg in 2008 to create the Jamaican RFLU—this proposal can be accessed at
Global Breath Consciousness Institute

The foundations of the RFLU have been written. We make these books available for FREE download because we know the coming Age of Experientialism is based upon the principle of Sharing. Our books can be downloaded from the following Web sites:

We recommend the E-books “Global Citizenship Passport” (includes The Practice) and “Trust Your Breath” to start. Also, join us at Facebook.

Other Web sites and projects that are associated with the RFLU include:

Rural Innovation Institute - a resource for alternative educational and information for regional revitalization and empowerment.
Vision Excelerator - an business, organization and idea "incubator".  
Eye Am Sharing - our emerging "collaborative network", where people can share and network.
Experience Co-Evolution Group - a tourism and community development consulting group.
Global Innovative Solutions - a resource center for a variety of innovative products, services and ideas for re-creating communities and hence the world.


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