World Family Festival

Mission Statement

The World Family Festival is a non-profit organization, its mission is to facilitate and influence the development and implementation of programs and the dissemination of literature that will impact on family values and structures. It’s philosophy is grounded in the principle that the nuclear and extended families form the foundation on which to build a moral, just and caring society.


  1. Its objectives are to organize annually a festival of events that will allow families to have fun together and at the same time to be exposed to the basic principle of good family life.
  2. To invite various interest groups to share together and design and implement programs that will elevate the position of family in national life
  3. To lobby for community development programs that will enhance the transformation of rural communities in ways that are supportive of individuals and families.
  4. To publish printed material that will educate regarding the role and significance of functional family units.


World Family Festival

Date: July 31st to August 2nd

Venue: Apple Valley, St. Elizabeth

Organizers:      Mr. Desmond Green
Teacher/Research Psychologist
                       Founder of World Family Foundation and World Family Festival

                        Mr. Lloyd Stanley

                        Mrs. Lucille Lee
                        Hostess – World Family Festival 1993

                        Mr. Patrick Lee
                        Host – World Family Festival 1993

                        Mrs. Dawn Vaz
                        Project Coordinator

                        Mr. Robert Vassall

                        Mr. Neville Woollery



Focus attention on the FAMILY UNIT as one of the most important institutions in the community;

Identify fundamental functions of the FAMILY UNIT and it role in today’s society, while giving the unit needed recognition as the basis of all societies;

Organize an annual event within and inspiring, entertaining framework of festivity, aimed at strengthening, stimulating, and renewing the family and re-emphasizing moral and spiritual values within the FAMILY UNIT.

Basic outline of proposed activities



10:00 am                     Formal

11:30 am                     Individual tour of booths

1:00 pm                       Organized games for the family

3:00 pm                       Performance by youth groups

4:30 pm                       Family talent contest
                                    Story telling
                                    Judging and presentation of prizes


10:00 am                     Ecumenical Service

11:30 am                     Gospel concert

12:30 pm                     Individual tour of booths

2:30 pm                       Performance by youth groups

4:00 pm                       Grand Treasure Hunt

5:00 pm                       Organized ring games for everyone


10:00 am                     Individual tour of booths

12:00 pm                     Organized games for family

3:00 pm                       Sing along

                                    Family performances
                                    (lip sync., mime, etc.)
                                    Presentation of grand prizes and sectional prizes closing


                                    Food booths – Farmers exhibits and sale of produce
                                    Food booths – Cooked food and snacks on sale
                                    Craft booths

                                    Family counseling booth

 Trained counselors will be available throughout the duration of the Festival for free family counseling

Media booths

To identify the on-going impact of the news media on the well-being of the family unit.

To encourage high levels of rapport between media professionals and family members.

To see media in its proper perspective as an instrument capable of building or destroying the morals of the family.

Health booths

Doctors, nurses and health services represented

To emphasize the invaluable contributions of good health to personal and community well-being and productivity.

To make the community more aware of health services, and systems and health professionals available to them.

Civic Awareness Booths

To present elected officials and civil servants in their capabilities as the managers of the family resources within the community.

To create the kind of climate in which the best interest of the family will occupy the minds of elected officials, civil servants and population as a whole.

To open channels of communication between elected officials and the constituents.


Special awards will be made in recognition of those persons who have provided special service to the community at the grass-roots level, as well as organizations identified in leadership roles within the World Family Festival community.

Booth rental:   $1000.00 per day

                        $500.00 per day for rental of 10’ x 10’ space only

Package for camping site for (3) day weekend available on request.