Reverence for Life University

Reverence For Life University Jamaica

February 11, 2017
RFLU Presents Their Farmers Seminar at
Bay View Eco Resort and Spa Conference Room

Theme: 'Our Farmers are our Lifeline’  SeminarFlyer in pdf

Moderator: Karen Johns
Welcome: Mr. Gordon Townsend (Chairman, Bay view Eco Resort & Spa)
Greetings: Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield (MP. East Portland)
                  Mayor Paul Thompson
                  Hon. Daryl Vaz (MP. opposition spokesman)


Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D. RFLU

"Tools for Engaging Experience

    - Success Across Scales

    - Breath Tapping"

Charles Nesson, JD, Harvard, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society

"Humanizing Computer Technology, to Serve the People" - history


Col. John Prescod (Former Commissioner of Corrections)

Glenroy Pinnock
, Ph.D. University of Technology, Jamaica

“Using  Proper Breathing Technique and  Acoustic  instrumental  Music to  Influence Constructivism Learning in the Math Classroom.”


Desmond D. Green, Reverence For Life University

"The New Cosmology - tools for a productive, healthy, wealthy and happy lifestyle

    - The Practice

    - Trust Your Breath - Languaging"

Vote of Thanks - Mr. Larry Robertson (Chairman, Portland Resort Board)

The parish of Portland is a leading producer of bananas, coconuts, breadfruits, coffee, mangoes and ackee which are grown for export as well as local consumption.

Portland remains a playground for the wealthy. Errol Flynn proclaimed Port Antonio to be more beautiful than any woman he had known. He purchased a hotel and a ranch and - local legend has it - won Navy Island in Port Antonio's harbor in a rum-fueled card game.

A number of tourist facilities exist and there is a growing emphasis on eco-tourism, which could be sensitively developed in the parish.

The core principles of Reverence for Life are the seven step Practice of Conscious Breathing, Self Talk, Healthy Nutrition, Exercise, Unconditional Self-Acceptance, Vision and a Spirit of Generosity. The principles are presented with focus on their applications scripting new behavior patterns for productive living.

Supplementary principles include replacing old belief systems that no longer serve us.

Other topics TBA