Reverence for Life University

 The Moods Channel ~ the work of Desmond Green

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, are the basic notes of the musical scale but in combinations form the most complex symphonies. They form the settings or ingredients, which we use to produce songs, melodies, symphonies and all of the musical sounds we make and hear. The letters of the alphabet in their combinations form the basic vocabulary, which we use to make words and convey ideas arranged as books and all other written forms of expression. We use digits from 0 through 9 for numbering and to formulate and construct the most complex calculations. In like manner our imagination uses energy elements to create our body and body of experiences.

To activate your Divine Code: Repeat to your self “Eye Am Spirit Energy of Light, Fire, Air, Water and Earth Vibrations. Repeat this until you begin to feel the truth and reality of the claim; practice saying it until it becomes your definition, because it is. As you keep repeating this statement it will become your ingredients for creating yourself and your expressions. These are the ingredients that you will use to create and manage your moods.