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SNUGGLE - how to Transform the world

October 14, 2014
From the night of October 12, 2014

On Saturday the 11th our car ran out of gas. After we had done a friend a favor. We had just spent $470 on repairs. Also, the gas gauge indicated it had half of a tank of gas so it was very perplexing. The car quit a few times then finally stopped in the street next to the Unity Point Hospital, right where Shiloh was born. Sarah was pretty exasperated, which, at some level was understandable. We had two very tired, crying children in the car with us. But everything turned out great.

Two men in an ambulance helped push the car out of the street. Then I called Tom Chouteau and asked him to bring gas because I was suspect. Then Sarah called Jasmine. Tom brought the gas in about 15 minutes and then Jasmine and Isaiah arrived soon after. The car started right up. Then Jasmine filled the car with gas.

As we left Sarah said, "I guess the lesson is just being able to ask for help." She also realized that "Gratitude" is key. The two messages she derived from this experience. The car is running great and we got a full tank of gas.

Then, during the night, or morning I was dreaming, pretty distinctly. It had something to do with Redmond Jones, going back and forth about how things just always seem to work out. God takes seemingly hopeless situations and creates a beautiful results. It had something to do with communication, what God might say.

"Snuggle" said Sarah right then. I woke up and said "What?" Snuggle with Lincoln she meant.

"Snuggle" I thought to share on Facebook. Will heal the world.

Yesterday, on the 11th, at the park I had a thought if we were more spiritually aware we would not have made all this interesting "stuff". We had to have a huge material bent to see the things we do in the world. There is nothing wrong with the "stuff".

We are physical beings, learning. This is how we learned to play with the material.

This morning woke up with insight. Thoughts run astray/rampant, can cause a lot of issues. Being aware of physical and feeling reactions provides guidance.

Thinking and feeling in harmony, as a team will create the new experience.

Imagination has taken us on a lot of adventures.

Future and past thinking is going where there is no power or an inaccurate thought of reality.

Breath Based - physical Practice will bring back into harmony.

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Thomas: On The Forefathers Of His Doubts - Kahlil Gibran

October 14, 2014

Thomas: On The Forefathers Of His Doubts - Kahlil Gibran

from Jesus the Son of Man by Kahlil Gibran

My grandfather who was a lawyer once said, "Let us observe truth, but only when truth is made manifest unto us."

When Jesus called me I heeded Him, for His command was more potent than my will; yet I kept my counsel.

When He spoke and the others were swayed like branches in the wind, I listened immovable. Yet I loved Him.

Three years ago He left us, a scattered company to sing His name, and t...
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Today's Inspiration - re-definition - EGO

October 14, 2014
In a conversation with Desmond today.

EGO = Exponential Growth Opportunities.

Our growth, and evolution has the fullest support - One Breath.
Life's purpose is to grow itself - to be more loving.

This is the Mission of Self. O = Organization, Opportunities, etc.

Our only job is to fine tune our breath consciousness "tool-set", skills.


"Snuggle your ego"

Life is Se...
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Our Friend Desmond Green

November 28, 2013
by Andy Skadberg
I posted this on my blog 13lightmessages on March 20, 2012 which happens to be my wife Sarah's birthday.

Dear friends. Let me tell you a little about Desmond. Since I was introduced to him through my dear friend Yvette Dubel over 4 1/2 years ago I have never heard a single negative statement from him. I have not once heard him complain about a person, place or thing. I never heard him gripe about his living situation. I have not read a negative word that has been written o...
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The Breath Comes First

November 12, 2013
 ~ Andy Skadberg, today

God/Source/Love gave you a gift, even as you were in your mothers womb - your breath, before that you were sharing your breath with her.

God wants our appreciation for the gift of life. We can easily survive without our eyes, but not our breath. It is like a waveform, continually moving the Divine substance of consciousness, light and matter (all vibrations) in and out of your physical, spiritual being. To overlook and not appreciate this gift has created the...

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Abraham - things you must do every day

October 30, 2013

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Daily Regimen - Your Practice

October 30, 2013
No one can choose better feeling thoughts for you. Your feelings are the program that guide you. Your response-ability is your ability to STOP! Choose another train of thoughts, words and actions.

Your point of power is Now. You are in touch, fusion with the Now with each breath you take.

The "con" in confusion are thoughts of con-tradiction. There is, in actuality, no contradiction, just experience.
Once the experience begins to feed upon you, it is your choice to change the experience ...

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Grounded - Healing with Earth Energy

October 30, 2013

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IZ - Somewhere over the rainbow

October 8, 2013

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Global Breath Consciousness Proclamation

October 8, 2013
Eye am all of creation Breathing, Pulsating and expressing myself as all of my fragrances; images; tastes; textures; and sounds.

Eye am my Breath! eye am your Breath! Eye am our Breath, Breathing, Pulsating and experiencing myself as my mineral frequencies! my plant frequencies! my animal frequencies! My animal Frequencies! My human frequencies! and my Angelic Frequencies.

Eye my Breath am my galaxies! my Planets! My Breath-o-sphere! My atmosphere of earth vibrations.

What we are are is wh...

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